Latest ECE EEE Engineering Projects

Latest ECE EEE Engineering Project List

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1. Wireless Robotic Tank using RF Communication
2. IoT Based Smart Parking System
3. Smart Wireless helmet for Miners based on RF
4. Brain Controlled Home Automation
5. Advanced Solar Chimney
6. IOT Based Energy Theft Detection
7. Women Safety Device With GPS Tracking & Alerts
8. Mid Day Meal Vehicle Tracking system using Arduino GPS GSM
9. Speed Control of BLDC Motor Closed Loop
10.Variable Timer to Trigger Relay
11.Gate control using Arduino and Servo Motor
12. Smart Waste Segregator
13. Zigbee Based Wireless Air Quality Monitoring
14. Hover Board Bluetooth controlled using Arduino and Android App
15.Tongue force Calculation using FSR
16. Smart Toll System
17. PWM Speed Control of Dc Motor using Arduino
18. Advanced Regenerative Braking System with ABS
19. Advanced Pneumatic Bumper CAR
20.Intelligent Braking System with Disc Brake
21.Wireless Hoverbike
22.Sand Filter & Separator with two filter frame and Variable speed
23.Solar Inverter with Voltage Measurement
24.IOT Based Transformer Health Monitoring
25.Advanced Wireless Blind Stick
26.Density Traffic Control System using Arduino
27.IOT Based Smart Helmet for Miners
28.Displaying Variable Voltage using LM 135
29. IOT Based Solar Powered Inverter and Irrigation System
30. IOT based Smart Door Lock
31. IOT Based Transformer Health monitoring Single
32.Advanced Waste Segregator with GSM
33.Ultra Fast Electronic Circuit Breaker
34. IOT Based Patient Monitoring Device
35.RF Based Speed Control of Vehicle in School Area
36. Obstacle Avoidance Robot
37. Energy Generation Through Speed Breaker and Piezo Electric
38.Bluetooth Controlled LED Effects in Dress
39. Self Balancing Robot
40. IOT Based Home Automation
41. IOT Based Multisource Power for Distributing Panel with Prepaid RFID
42. Smart Blind Stick with Home Automation
43. GSM and RFID Based Vehicle Tracking at Toll Gate
44. IOT Based Home Automation with FSR
45. Advanced Smart Shopping Trolley for Mall
46. Eyes Movement Based Robot
47. Air Quality Measurement System
48. Auto Power Supply control from Different Power Source
49. Alcohal Detector using AVR Atmega 16
50. Coin Based Water Dispenser
51. IOT & GSM based Fault Finder in Load Line
52. Touch Screen Controlled Smart Home Automation
53. Over weight truck challan system based on RFID
54. Cell Phone Detector
55. Prepaid Energy Meter
56. Bluetooth Based Propeller Display
57. IOT based Weather Monitoring System
58.Smart Glove for Dumb and Deaf People
59.Smart Glove Zigbee Controlled Robotic car
60.Speed Measurement of Motor
61.RF Based Wireless Solar Panel powered irrigation System
62.PWM Speed control of DC Motor
63.Zigbee Based Wireless Patient Monitoring System
64.Underground Human Detectio using Vibration Sensors
65.Transformer Health Monitoring on Web Server
66.Foot Step Energy Generation

67. Automatic Gear Shifting Mechanism
68. Stair Climbing Advanced Wheel Chair
69. Advanced Wheel Chair
70. Android Controlled Power Turning Hover Craft
71. Pneumatic Braking System
72. Wirless Solar Grass Cutter
73. Hover Bike for Human Detection in Earthquake Disaster
74. Hover Craft using BLDC Motors
75. Single Axis Solar Tracker
76. Hexapod using Servo Motors
77. Smart Jacket for Soldier using peltier
78. Advanced Firefighting Robot
79. 360 Conveyor Belt on Hydraulic Based Robot
80. Automatic Bike Stand
81. Solar Based Smart Umbrella
82. Multi tool Machine
83. Automatic Ticketing Machine
84. Advanced Sewing Machine for Handicapped
85. Arduino CNC Plotter
86. Rod Bending Roller
87. Four stroke Electromagnetic Engine
88. Pipe Inspection Robot
89. Pick and Place Robotic Car
90. Hydraulics Rail Rotating System
91. Pedal Powered Dirty Water Distillation Device
92. Solar Chip Dryer
93. Pick and Place Crane with fire extinguisher
94. Remote Controlled Pick and Robo Car
95. Box Shifting Mechanism
96. Cross Bowman Shotgun
97. Solar Bike with Automatic Speed Control Feature
98. Car with four Stroke Engine
99. Autonomous Fire Extinguisher Robotic Car
100. PC Controlled Mine Detecting & Disposable Robot using Zigbee 1km range

101. Autonomous Drone with RTL, FAIL SAFE, GPS HOLD , 102. CUSTOMIZABLE
102. Advanced Border Security
103. Pneumatic Robotics Crane
104. Advanced Mechanical Goat
105. Mini Hacksaw Powered By Beam Engine
106. Earthquake Measurement
107. Single Axis Solar tracker with Irrigation System
108. Dual Axis Solar with Irrigation System
109. Pneumatic Cane Crusher
110. Mechanical Spider
111. Automatic Braking System
112. Water Filling System using Conveyor Belt
113. Electromagnetic Braking System
114. Pneumatic Sheet Cutting
115. Advanced Sewage Waste Cleaning Plant
116. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Power Generation
117. Advanced Firefighting Robot
118. Wireless Robotic Hand using Arduino
119. Hexacopter Air Dropper using Pixhawk | Ardupilot
120. Box Shifting Mechanism with Speed Control using PWM
121. Medical Drone
122. Wireless Prison Break Monitoring and Alerting system
123. Bank Security System with Finger print, Camera, GSM, Keypad, IOT Arduino
124. Smart Guidance Belt for Blind People
125. IoT Smart Shopping Basket using Arduino
126. Quick Return Mechanism
127. RF Remote Controlled Surveillance Robotic Car
128. Pre Paid Energy Meter with Theft Detection
129. DTMF Based Home Automation
130. Zero Radius 360 Degree Turning Car
131. Automatic Stair Climbing Robot

132. IOT Solar Tracker with Inverter 12V to 220V AC

133. IOT Based Dual Axis Solar Tracker with Irrigation and Soil Health Monitoring System

134. IOT Controlled Smart Street Light using Arduino

135 . IOT Based Smart Dustbin

136. IOT Based Smart Green Parking and Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicle

137. IOT Based Smart Parking System with Gate

138. IOT Based Solar Panel Monitoring System using Arduino and ESP8266

139. IOT Based Smart Garbage Monitoring System

140.IOT Based Air Quality Monitoring System using Arduino and Wifi

141. IOT Underground Cable Fault Detection

142. IOT Based Smart Shopping Trolley for Mall

143. IOT Vehicle Accident Detection and Alert System using Arduino

144. Bank Security System with Finger Print, Camera, GSM, Keypad, Wifi IOT

145. IOT Based Glucose Monitoring System

146. IOT Based Direction Control of Stepper Motor

147. IOT Based Multisource Power for Distributing Panel with Prepaid RFID

148.  IOT Based Advance Transformer Health Monitoring System