Advanced Border Security


Short Description:

The project is to enhance the border security electronically with automation and with that to reduce the work load and responsibility of the soldiers that continuously take a look on border 24*7.

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  • Abstract:

These systems offer a complete robot action which design to keep the enemy out of reach from line of control. that is what it saves the worthiest human life. Now a days our soldiers continuously observe the border of country though it is a normal day or during a war. and they observe any of d terror moment on the actual line of control. but unfortunately, the system is not safe for soldier’s life and there are chances of mistake and dangers. In this system we are using Arduino microcontroller, LCD display, PIR sensor, Bluetooth, GSM, this have two parts one is robotic part and laser-based fencing part.

  • Block diagram:

                                                                                                Figure 1



                                                                                         Figure 2



                                                                                        Figure 3


  • Hardware Components Used;
  1. Arduino NANO
  2. LCD display (16*2)
  3. GSM (900A)
  4. LDR
  5. Motor drive(l293D)
  6. Dc motors(12v)
  7. PIR sensor
  8. Laser
  9. Servo motors
  10. Power supply


  • Software required
  1. Embedded c
  2. Arduino IDE 1.8


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