Women Safety Device With GPS Tracking & Alerts

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Ensuring the safety and security of women is a critical concern in today’s society. To address this issue, this proposes a comprehensive women security alert system that utilizes a combination of a button, GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), and DHT11 (Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor). The system aims to empower women by providing them with a reliable and efficient means to alert their trusted contacts and authorities during emergency situations.

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A women’s security alert system designed with a button, GPS, GSM, and DHT11 sensor can be an effective tool to enhance personal safety. Let’s break down the components and their functionalities:

  • Button: The system includes a button that can be easily accessed by the user. This button serves as the trigger for activating the alert system when the user feels threatened or in danger.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System): The system incorporates a GPS module that enables the device to track the user’s real-time location. GPS technology uses satellites to determine the device’s coordinates, allowing accurate positioning information to be transmitted during an emergency.
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications): The GSM module is responsible for establishing a connection with the mobile network. It enables the transmission of alert messages, including the user’s location data, to a predefined set of contacts or a central monitoring station.
  • DHT11 Sensor: The DHT11 sensor is a temperature and humidity sensor that can be integrated into the system. While not directly related to security, it can provide additional data about the environment in which the user is located and also health. This information could be useful for assessing potential risks or dangerous conditions.

When the user activates the alert system by pressing the button, the following sequence of events typically occurs:

  • The button press triggers the system, initiating the emergency response process.
  • The GPS module determines the user’s precise location coordinates.
  • The GSM module establishes a connection with the mobile network.
  • The system sends an alert message containing the user’s location data to the designated contacts or monitoring station via SMS or data transmission.
  • The recipients of the alert message can view the user’s location on a map or receive updates on their location as they move.

Depending on the setup, the system may also initiate additional actions such as sounding an alarm/buzzer, activating a camera or microphone for audio-visual recording, or notifying local authorities.



  • DHT-11
  • GPS
  • GSM

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