Electromagnetic Braking System

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To address the shortcomings of conventional braking systems, a non-contact method based on the magnetic drag force principle was proposed for designing the braking systems.

To make electromagnetic brakes work, when a magnetic flux is passed in a direction perpendicular to the wheel’s rotational direction, we observe eddy current flowing in the opposite direction of the wheel’s rotation.
This generates an opposing force to the wheel’s rotation, thereby slowing it down.

The purpose of this project is to develop a model of an electromagnetic braking system capable of applying brakes without generating friction or wasting the energy supplied.
It is powered by two electromagnets and is powered by the circuit.
Additionally, there is a wheel attached to the motor, so that when power is supplied, the wheel rotates with the assistance of the motor.
Then, a fan is attached near the electromagnets to prevent them from overheating.
A metal bar is located near the electromagnets and the wheel, and when the electromagnets generate eddy currents, they cause the wheel or rotor to stop rotating.
This model contributes to the use of retardation equipment in vehicles in some way.


A. Base plank: It consists of the rectangular wooden plank which acts as a base for all the components of EMBS. It will have a dimension of 80*50*1 cm.
B. Electric motor: DC motors are used to move the wheel.
C. Electromagnet: In this project, we used an electromagnet to stop the wheel. Basically, it is made by winding the copper wire around the cylindrical body to the required strength.


The following are the significances:
1. Electromagnetic brakes satisfy all the energy requirements of braking without the use of friction. They have better heat dissipation capability to avoid problems that friction brakes face times.
2. They can also be used as supplementary retardation equipment in addition to the regular friction brakes on heavy vehicles.
3. These brakesโ€™ component cost is less so these brakes are cheap.
4. They can be used as an alternative method for the future crisis of crude oils.

The following are the limitations:
1. The installation of an electromagnetic brake is very difficult if there is not enough space between the gearbox and rear axle.
2. It cannot use grease or oil.
3. EM brakes are good at slowing things down, not completely stopping them.

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