Wireless Robotic Hand using Arduino


Wireless robotics hand using arduino

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Project Overview

1. Animatronic hand is the design of the robotic hand that works under the information that are received from the glove hand.

2. The glove hand consists of a flex sensor.

3. The data received from the flex sensor is sent to the servomotor, the motor rotates to an angle.

4. Furthermore, a string is used to provide a bridge between the robotic finger and the servomotor.

5. According to the angle the servo motor rotates and the finger bends.

6. Hence as the finger bends, the flex sensor will bend.

7. When the flex sensor is bent, a change in resistance is produced.

8. So, this change in resistance is processed via Arduino and it will be sent to the servomotor.

9. According to the value from the Arduino, the servomotor rotates.

10. The robotic fingers are connected via strings with the servomotor.

11. Arduino has been used to provide an interface between the servomotor and the flex sensor.

12. Finally, a voltage divider can be used in the circuit and provided near the flex sensor since only a few voltages is required. 13. When the servomotor receives input, the servomotor rotates. So, the robotic fingers being connected to the servo bends to its rotation.


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