Smart Blind Stick with Home Automation

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The eyes are the primary blessing that allows us to enjoy nature. Blind people face numerous obstacles on a daily basis. Blind people must rely on others to carry out their daily activities. With emerging artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and wireless sensor networks, information technology is reshaping every aspect of life. The Internet of Things is a rapidly evolving technology that digitally connects humans, machines, sensors, and everything else for the purpose of automating. It utilizes artificial intelligence to transform manual processes into intelligent automated processes. We developed a sensitive smart stick powered by the Internet of Things to assist visually impaired people in this research. The smart stick is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor and a buzzer that detect and alert the user to any obstacle. The Android application utilizes a smart stick to generate critical notifications and send them to registered phone numbers along with the GPS location. This solution is cost-effective and utilizes cutting-edge hardware.




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