IoT Smart Shopping Basket using Arduino


IoT Smart Shopping Basket using Arduino is an innovative device that is made for anyone who loves to shop but hates to wait in line. It can be used in anystore, bringing the convenience of online shopping into the store. This basket works by connecting to the store’s Wi-Fi network.

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IoT Smart Shopping Basket using Arduino

The IoT Smart Shopping Basket also includes a range of features to make shopping easier.  The basket has an integrated payment system, allowing users to pay for their purchases without having to wait in line. Plus, the basket is also equipped with an App interface, meaning users can easily interact with the basket. The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a revolutionary paradigm, enabling the interconnection of physical devices and providing vast opportunities for various applications. The IoT Smart Basket using RFID and Arduino is a cutting-edge solution that leverages the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and RFID technology to revolutionize the traditional shopping experience. The Smart Basket incorporates an Arduino board as its central control unit, responsible for managing the various components and facilitating communication between them. The key component in this system is the RFID reader module, which utilizes radio waves to detect and read unique identification tags attached to each product. Each product within the Smart Basket is equipped with an RFID tag containing a unique identifier. As a customer places an item into the basket, the RFID reader scans the tag, instantly recognizing the product and retrieving relevant information from a connected database. This process enables real-time inventory management, allowing both the customer and store to track product availability and stock levels. To provide a user-friendly interface, the Smart Basket is equipped with an LCD display that shows the scanned product details, such as name, price, and any additional information.

Problem Statement:

The traditional shopping experience often faces challenges such as inefficient inventory management, manual product scanning, and long checkout queues. These limitations result in a time-consuming and frustrating process for both customers and retailers.

Key problems to be addressed  include:

1. Inefficient Inventory Management: This inefficient process can result in out-of-stock situations, unsatisfied customers, and revenue loss for retailers.
2. Time-consuming Product Scanning: The conventional method of scanning products at the checkout counter requires individual item scanning, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This process often leads to long queues and customer dissatisfaction.
3. Limited Customer Engagement: Traditional shopping experiences lack personalized interactions and tailored recommendations. Customers are often unaware of product details, special offers, or complementary items that may enhance their shopping experience and meet their preferences.
4. Ineffective Supply Chain Optimization: Retailers face challenges in optimizing their supply chain processes, including restocking, inventory forecasting, and waste reduction. The lack of real-time data on product availability and customer preferences hinders their ability to streamline operations and minimize stockouts.

Block Diagram


IOT-based Smart Basket using Arduino block diagram

Hardware Components

Arduino UNO

Wifi esp 8266


LCD 16×2


USB Cable for Power

RFID Module

Software Required

Arduino IDE

Android App

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