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Synopsis | Report | PPT | Circuit | Design

Synopsis Writing | Research Paper Writing

Paper Publication in Scopus, UGC etc

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IEEE Base Paper

implementation | Research

Viva Preparation

Thesis | Research Paper Writing

Publication in IEEE, Scopus, UGC etc

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Live Project Training

Plagfree Work: Turnitin, Urkund, PCX etc

Need Custom Made Project / Product ?

eg. I want to Make project based on iot patient monitoring . i want to use sensors like ecg, heart beat , temperature etc

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XiLiR Technologies Lab
XiLiR Technologies Lab For Training Projects

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Tools and Technologies Available

For ECE, EEE, EE & IE Projects

  • Embedded System – Arduino, Raspberry pi 3, AVR
  • VLSI Designing – Tanner Tools Hspice
  • MATLAB Image processing, MATLAB Simulink
  • Power Electronics, Power System
  • Internet of things, Cloud Computing
  • Antenna Designing – ANSYS HFSS
  • Robotics, Drones , Mechatronics
  • SIGNAL PROCESSING & Quadcopter,

For CSE and IT Engineering

  • Network Simulator NS2, NS3
  • Internet of things, Cloud Computing
  • Embedded System, Robotics
  • IOT, Arduino, Embedded System
  • ML, AI, Data mining etc

For Mechanical Engineering Projects

  • Robotics, Mechatronics, Pneumatic based
  • Hydraulic, Solar energy, Quadcopter, Drones
  • Wind Energy Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Industrial and Production Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Engineering Mechatronics Engineering
  • Power Plant Engineering

For Civil Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geoinformatics
  • Geothechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
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