B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Projects List

Mechanical Projects Latest Projects Topics


  1. Smart Garbage Collecting with Segregation on the basis of Wet and Dry.
  2. Staircase Climbing Trolley
  3. Wireless Hoverbike
  4. Solar operated Hacksaw Cutter
  5. Zero Radius 360 Degree Turning Car
  6. Power generation from the ceiling fan with inverter design
  7. Coin based water dispenser
  8. Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System
  9. A Control Strategy for an Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Solar Panels
  10. Automatic Drain Cleaning System by Using Solar Energy
  11. Fabrication of a statically stable Stair climbing Wheelchair
  12. Automatic scrap collecting vehicle
  13.  Three Axis pneumatic modern trailer
  14. Sand Filter & Separator with two filter frame and Variable speed
  15. Advanced Pneumatic Bumper CAR
  16. Intelligent Breaking System implemented on CAR
  17. Fabrication of two-way pedal powered hacksaw machine
  18. kinetic energy recovery system in bicycles
  19. Box transporting mechanism
  20. Stair Climbing Robot
  21. Speed Controlled Automatic Gear Shifting Mechanism
  22. Wheel Chair with Stair Climbing, Voice Recognition, Joystick, Head Control & GPS GSM
  23. The dual stroke CAN Crusher
  24. Double acting hacksaw machine operated by scotch yoke mechanism
  25. Pneumatic Braking System
  27. Wireless Solar Grass Cutter
  28. Robotic arm with vertical axis conveyor belt
  29. Hover Craft using BLDC Motor
  30. Single Axis Solar Tracker
  31. Hexapod using Servo Motors
  32. Smart Jacket for Soldier using Peltier
  33. Firefighting Robot
  34. Rope climbing robots
  35. Automatic Bike Stand
  36. Solar Based Smart Umbrella
  37. Multi tool Machine
  38. Automatic Ticketing Machine
  39. 2D CNC Plotter
  41. Advanced Swing Machine for Handicapped
  42. Advanced Waste Segregator Sorter
  43. Rod Bending Roller
  44. Road power generation by sliding machine
  45. Four Stroke Electromagnetic Engine
  46. Pipe Inspection Robot
  47. RF based Wireless Pick and Robotic Car
  48. Hydraulics Rail Rotating System
  49. Automatic Train Braking System to avoid Accidents using Ultrasonic Sensors
  50. Pedal-Powered Dirty Water Distillation Device
  51. Multipurpose machine for Drilling, cutting and grinding machine operated with one motor
  52. Solar Chip Dryer
  53. Advanced Multi Level parking system with RFID card rf module and robotic car
  54. Pick and Place Crane with fire extinguisher
  55. Remote Controlled Pick and Robot Car
  56. Box Shifting Mechanism
  57. Smart Dustin with Cash Back to Promote Cleaning
  58. Cross Bowman Shotgun
  59. Solar Bike with Automatic Speed Control
  60. Car with four Stroke Engine
  61. Autonomous Fire Extinguisher Robotic Car
  62. PC Controlled Mine Detecting & Disposable Robot using ZigBee 1km Range
  63. 9XR Remote Controlled Quadcopter with GPS and Auto Return Feature when lost
  64. Robotic Arm Based Colour Sorter
  65. Advanced Border Security
  66. Pneumatic Robotics Crane
  67. Quick Return Mechanism
  68. Advanced Mechanical Goat
  69. Mini Hacksaw Powered by Beam Engine
  70. Dual Axis Solar tracker with Irrigation System
  71. Earthquake Measurement
  72. Pneumatic Cane Crusher
  73. Automatic Braking System
  74. Water Filling System using Conveyor Belt
  75. Automatic Railway Track Crack Detection System
  76. Disaster security robot
  77. Electromagnetic Braking System
  78. Pneumatic Sheet Cutting
  79. Advanced Sewage Waste Cleaning Plant
  80. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Power Generation
  81. River Cleaning Boat
  82. Suction Modules of a Biped Wall-Climbing Robot