GSM | GPS Based Projects

GSM | GPS Based Projects 2018-2019


GSM Can be added to any project

G-1. LED Dot matrix moving display using

Message through Android Application.

G-2. Flex sensor based signal indicator using GSM.

G-3. Flex & accelerometer based Smart Glove for dumb person for

Converting Sign Language to text on LCD to speech (Highly Recommended)

G-4. Self-indicating smart dustbins using GSM, Pick & Robotic carย 

G-5. Wireless camera surveillance robot using GPS and GSM.

G-6. Advanced vehicle tracking accident monitoring system using GSM GPSย 

G-7. GSM based Patient Monitoring System (Heartbeat, LM35, GSR, Glucose bottle)

G-8. Intelligent courier system through RFID and GSM using AVR

G-9. Geographical environment sensing system.

G-10. PLC SCADA implementation using GSM and android app

G-11. Directions for Blind person on road by GPS navigator

G-12. Internet things & GSM Based LPG Detection System

G-13. GSM Based Voting System

G-14. GSM based Bike Tank Monitoring & Security System

G-15. GSM Based Intelligent Streetlight Controlling System with Vehicle Counter

G-16. Home security System based on LPG gas, Smoke and Fire Sensors with SMS based alerts

G-17. Solar based GSM Based Wireless Advanced Irrigation Systemย 

G-18. Smart card and GSM based advanced security system

G-19. Temperature based Fan Speed Controller and SMS alerts using GSM modem.

G-20. Voice enable device switching for physically challenged & emergency alerts through SMS.

G-21. Street Light monitoring and control system using GSM based mobile phone

G-22. Forest fire and rainfall monitoring system using GSM technology

Last year our students from MIT won Rs10 lakh from CM of UP

G-23. Enhanced Accident Detection and victim Status indicating system

G-24. GSM + GPS+ Bluetooth Based accident monitoring system

G-25. LED Panel based Notice board for college (can be used in college after exam)

G-26. Soldier Health & Position Tracking System (Highly Recommended)

G-27. Internet of Things Based Smart Home with Security Alert using GSM

G-28. GSM based door sensor alerting system

G-29. GSM & Load Cell Based Over Weight Detection & sending Challan

G-30. ATM Security System using GSM and finger Module

G-31. Monthly Electricity Billing Display with Bill SMS Feature

G-32. Dustbin Monitoring System using Ultrasonic and GSM (Highly Recommended)

G-33. Women safety device using internet of things or GSM based

G-34. GPS-GSM Based Real Time Women Tracking System and Women Safety Device Call / SMS Alert

G-35. Fire Plus Hazardous Gas Detection and Instant SMS Alerting System

G-36. LASER based Border Security with GSM

G-37. Smart Onboard Public Information System using GPS & GSM Integration for Public Transport