Smart Card RFID | NFC

Latest Smart Card RFID | NFC-Based projects


SC-1. Smart Card-Based Electronic Passport System

SC-2. NFC Smart Tourist Card: Combining Mobile and contactless Technologies towards a Smart Tourist Experience

SC-3. RFID-based Paid Car Parking

SC-4. RFID-based Attendance System

SC-5. RFID Security Access Control System

SC-6. Security System using Smart Card Technology

SC-7. Overweight truck challan system based on RFID

SC-8. RFID Based Attendance System with SMS indication using GSM modem

SC-9. RFID Controlled Bike Lock

SC-10. RFID Based Highway Toll Tax Collection System

SC-11. RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system

SC-12. Parking Availability Indication System using RFID

SC-13. Wireless Smart helmet with Ignition 0n off for vehicles

SC-14. RFID Based Highway Toll Tax Collection System

SC-15. RFID and GSM based Advanced Vehicle parking slot booking system

SC-16. Bus recognition system for visually impaired person (Highly Recommended)

SC-17. Smart Entrance Guard Control Based on RFID Card and ZigBee Authorization

SC-18. Smart Shopping Mall System using smart card | NFC