Advanced Firefighting Robot


This is one of the advanced techniques, that we have build the robot by using android application to control the actions of the robot. Our project is designed to build an android application which can control operations of the firefighting robot. Fireman can give commands to the robot through Bluetooth module. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your Smartphones and then you can cotrol the firefighting robot. It use temperature sensors to detect the fire. When system detects fire then it get activated and uses the water to extinguish the fire. It has 2 ways to operate that is manually and automatically.

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The aim of this project is to the development of advanced firefighting robotic systems which is related to the design of an unmanned fire extinguisher robot. In this, the aim is to develop a robot and detect fires which can occur in an environment. The firefighting robot is able to move over the obstacles by the sensor and then it finds the flame sensor and extinguishes the fire by water. The progress in conjunction with the search for the fire to control it and react according to the situation. Using the Bluetooth when the fire is founded and all of this is controlled by the micro-controller. Then the robot moves towards the fire without any delay and did the fire scan while moving. By using the micro-controller module, it analyses the data in the direction of the software and performs fire detection, flame detection, actuation, informing and extinguishing processes. Robot design and application process the design and development of the system, and the preparation of the necessary software.

Advanced Firefighting Robot Block Diagram/Proposed Work

Advanced Firefighting Robot Block Diagram

Hardware & Software Components


  • Arduino
  • 2*Temperature Sensors (LM/35)
  • DC Water Pump
  • Bluetooth(SHC05)
  • Water Tank
  • Power Hub
  • Voltage Regulator
  • 12V Battery
  • Servo Motor
  • Spiller/Nozzle
  • Buzzer
  • 2*Motor Driver (L298N)


  • Arduino IDE
  • Android based Application


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