Latest Mechanical Engineering Projects Shop in New Delhi – NCR, INDIA

Latest Mechanical Engineering Projects

  1. Advanced Waste Segregator with Cash Back
  2. Solar Based Wireless Grass Cutter
  3. Wireless Robotic Hand using Arduino
  4. IOT Vehicle Accident Detection Alert System using Arduino
  5. Railway Track Crack and Fault Detection System using GPS GSM
  6. Agribot – Automatic Seed Sowing Robot
  7. Autonomous Fire Extinguisher Robotic Car
  8. Water Generation from Atmosphere
  9. Solar Powered Beach Cleaning Robot using Arduino
  10. Voice Controlled Hybrid Wheel Chair
  11. CNC Plotter
  12. Missile Detection and Destroying System for Defence
  13. 360 Degree Flexible Drilling Machine
  14. Pneumatic Sheet Cutting
  15. CFC Free Compressor Less Refrigerator
  16. Foot Step Energy Generation with Invertor
  17. Advanced Pneumatic Bumper Car
  18. Pneumatic Cane Crusher
  19. Smart Electronic Braking System for Car
  20. Hybrid Energy Generation from Solar and Wind Turbine
  21. Industrial Forklift controlled through Android Phone
  22. Gutter Cleaning Plant with Over Sewage Detection
  23. IOT Smart Garbage Monitoring System Robot
  24. Single Axis Solar Tracker
  25. Dual Axis Solar Tracker
  26. Dual Axis Solar Tracker with Irrigation System
  27. IOT Controlled 
  28. Self Balancing Robot using PID
  29. Bluetooth Controlled Self Balancing Robot using PID
  30.  Pick and Place Robot using Bluetooth
  31. Voice Controlled Pick and Place Robot
  32. Bluetooth Controlled Car
  33. IOT based Pick and Place Robot
  34. IOT controlled car
  35. IOT Vacuum Cleaner
  36. Power Turning Hover Craft
  37. Bluetooth controlled Hover Craft
  38. Automatic Page Turner project using Arduino
  39. Energy Generation from Vehicle Suspension/ Shocker
  40. Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car
  41. Zero Radius Turning Car
  42. Rocker Bogie Robot/ Mars Rover
  43. Electromagnetic Braking System
  44. Pneumatic Braking System
  45. Intelligent Braking system using Ultrasonic Sensor
  46. Hybrid Energy from Speed Breaker Road and Piezo Electric
  47. Hybrid Energy from Speed Breaker Road using Roller Mechanism and Solar Panel
  48. Quick Return Mechanism Project
  49. Regenerative Braking System with ABS
  50. Color Sorter Machine Using Arduino
  51. Head Controlled Electric Wheel Chair (Big)
  52. Bluetooth Controlled Wheel Chair (Small)
  53. Brain Controlled Wheel Chair (Big)
  54. Voice Controlled Wheel Chair (Small)
  55. Brain Controlled Wheel Chair (Small)
  56. Voice Controlled Wheel Chair (Big)
  57. Multi Gesture Controlled Wheel Chair
  58. Brain Controlled Wheel Chair (Small)
  59. Hybrid Wheel Chair
  60. Voice Controlled Wheel Chair (Small)
  61. Voice Controlled Wheel Chair (Small)
  62. Vehicle Parameter Monitoring System
  63. Pesticide Sprinkler
  64. Double acting hack saw machine operated by scotch yoke mechanism
  65. Smart Soldier Jacket using Peltier Module
  66. Solar Bike with Automatic Speed Control
  67. Automatic Train Braking System to avoid Accidents using Ultrasonic Sensors
  68. Smart Dustin with Cash Back to Promote Cleaning
  69. Hover Craft using BLDC Motor
  70. Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter
  71. Design & Fabrication of Mechanical Footstep Power Generator
  72. Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Using Geneva Mechanism
  73. Motorized Chain Mechanism Hacksaw
  74. Advanced Segway head controlled
  75. Water Filling System using Conveyor Belt
  76. Robotic Arm Based Colour Sorter
  77. Solar Power Refrigerator System Using Thermoelectric Plate
  78. Automatic sky Car Parking System for apartment Building
  79. Car with four Stroke Engine
  80. V6 Engine
  81. Pneumatic Cup Making Machine
  82. Speed Controlled Automatic Gear Shifting Mechanism
  83. Coin Based Cola & Soda Vending Machine
  84. 2 Wheel Drive Industrial Forklift Project
  85. Chainless bicycle
  86. Pedal-Powered Dirty Water Distillation Device
  87. Automatic shoes cleaner project
  88. Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System
  89. Hybrid Power Generation Based Induction Heating System with Solar, Wind and Hydel