IoT Based Gas Leakage with SMS Alert and Automatic Exhaust ON

An IoT system is designed for gas leakage detection, featuring a gas sensor to monitor gas levels. When a gas leak is detected, it sends an SMS alert using a GSM module and automatically activates an exhaust fan if a wire is detected, enhancing safety and ventilation in the area.

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The IoT-based Gas Leakage system incorporates a gas sensor, GSM module for SMS alerts, and a fan with automatic activation upon gas detection. When the gas sensor detects a leak, it triggers the GSM module to send an SMS alert to the designated recipient, ensuring immediate notification. Additionally, it activates the fan to automatically expel the gas, enhancing safety and preventing potential hazards.


The objective of this project is to develop an IoT-based gas leakage detection system that utilizes a gas sensor to detect gas leaks, a GSM module to send SMS alerts to designated recipients in case of a gas leak, and a fan that automatically turns on when a gas leak is detected or when a wire is detected to help dissipate the gas, ensuring the safety of the environment and occupants.



The project aims to develop an IoT-based gas leakage detection system utilizing a gas sensor, GSM module for SMS alerts, and a fan for automatic exhaust activation upon gas detection. This system will continuously monitor the environment for gas leaks, and when a gas leak is detected, it will immediately send an SMS alert to the user, ensuring prompt response, while also activating the exhaust fan to mitigate the gas concentration, enhancing safety and minimizing potential hazards.


  • Early Gas Leak Detection: The gas sensor in the system can quickly detect the presence of a gas leak, ensuring early detection and minimizing the risk of accidents or damage
  • Safety: This system enhances safety by providing real-time alerts through SMS. Users are immediately notified of the gas leak, even if they are not at home, allowing them to take timely action.
  • Automatic Exhaust: The automatic exhaust fan is a crucial feature as it can help in expelling the gas and improving ventilation in the area, reducing the concentration of the gas to safer levels.
  • Remote Alerts: The integration of GSM technology allows for remote monitoring and alerting. Users can receive SMS alerts on their mobile devices, even if they are not at home. This feature is particularly useful when there is a gas leak while the occupants are away.


  • GSM
  • WIFI




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