VLSI Design

M.Tech ECE VLSI Projects List 2019

Tool- Synopsis HSPICE/ Tanner Tools

S.No. List of the Project
1. Design of Area-Efficient and Highly Reliable RHBD I0T Memory Cell for Aerospace Applications
2. Multilevel Half-Rate Phase Detector for Clock and Data Recovery Circuits
3. Input Offset Estimation of CMOS Integrated Circuits in Weak Inversion
4. A Low-Power High-Speed Comparator for Precise Applications
5. A High-Performance Gated Voltage Level Translator with Integrated Multiplexer
6. High speed and low power preset-able modified TSPC D flip-flop design and performance comparison with TSPC D flip-flop
7. Low Leakage Fully Half-Select-Free Robust SRAM Cells with BTI Reliability Analysis
8. High-Performance Ternary Adder using CNTFET
9. Probability-Driven Multibit Flip-Flop Integration with Clock Gating
10. High-performance engineered gate transistor-based compact digital circuits
11. Design and Low Power Magnitude Comparator
12. A High-Speed and Power-Efficient Voltage Level Shifter for Dual-Supply Applications
13. Clock-Gating of Streaming Applications for Energy Efficient Implementations on FPGAs
14. Dual-Quality 4: 2 Compressors for Utilizing in Dynamic Accuracy Configurable Multipliers
15. Design of Low-Power High-Performance 2-4 and 4-16 Mixed-Logic Line Decoders
16. Delay Analysis for Current Mode Threshold Logic Gate Designs
17. 10T SRAM Using Half-VDD Precharge and Row-Wise Dynamically Powered Read Port for Low Switching Power and Ultralow RBL Leakage
18. A Single-Ended with Dynamic Feedback Control 8T Subthreshold SRAM Cell
19. Full-Swing Local Bitline SRAM Architecture Based on the 22-nm FinFET Technology for Low-Voltage Operation
20. Design for Testability of Sleep Convention Logic
21. Analysis and Design of a Low-Voltage Low-Power Double-Tail Comparator
22. Low-Power Pulse-Triggered Flip-Flop Design Based on a Signal Feed-Through Scheme
23. Noise and Process Variation Tolerant, Low-Power, High-Speed, and Low-Energy Full Adders in CNFET Technology
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