Transportation Projects

Transportation Project List 2019

  1. Use of Waste Tyre Rubber Powder and Waste Plastic in Bituminous Road Construction
  2. Use of Geo-Grids in Flexible Pavement
  3. Design of Multimodal Integrated Transportation Services
  4. Intelligent Traffic Management and Real Time Traffic Analysis Software
  5. Development of Smart Transit Systems
  6. Use of Recycled Materials in Pavement Construction
  7. Review and Restructuring Plan of Old and Outdated Transportation Planning
  8. Case Studies of Various Efficient Designs for Patterns of Road Systems, Fly Overs and Tunnels
  9. Case Studies of Various New Engineering Materials of Pavement Design
  10. Case Study of Environmental Assessment of Transportation Services
  11. Analysis of Public Private Partnerships in Transportation Projects and Social Impact Assessment
  12. Applications of Modern Survey Techniques Like GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing for Better Precision and Speed in Laying Out Geometric Alignment of Highway Elements
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