MATLAB – Image Processing | Machine Learning

Image Processing/ Machine Learning Project List 2019


Tool-MATLAB, only software-based


  1. Gesture Recognition using image processing and conversion to speech.
  2. Real time car identification using image processing and machine learning.
  3. Vehicle Number plate detection and segmentation using image processing.
  4. Tumour detection in brain MRI images using k means and fuzzy c means clustering algorithm.
  5. Leaf disease detection using image processing.
  6. Brain tumour detection using neural networks.
  7. Lung cancer detection using digital image processing on CT scan images.
  8. Road Detection and segmentation using CNN.
  9. Single image de-hazing using guided filters.
  10. Classification of blood cell using CNN deep learning image processing.
  11. Face detection and tracking using image processing.
  12. Blood vessel segmentation for retina images using DIP.
  13. Lung segmentation using structure edge detector.
  14. Fake currency detection using image processing.
  15. Emotion recognition using image processing.
  16. Tuberculosis detection using neural networks and image processing.
  17. Liver tumour detection system based on DIP
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