Matlab Image Processing

Matlab Image Processing based Projects List



MATLAB Image Processing
MATLAB projects are for students from any branch

M-1. Vehicle Number Plate Detection by Image Processing Technique in MATLAB
M-2. Wireless overhead tank monitoring using MATLAB.
M-3. Digital image watermarking and audio watermarking.
M-4. Self-indicating smart dustbins using MATLAB and GSM
M-5. Hand gesture based wheel chair movement control for the disabled
M-6. Noise removal in real time images through image processing in MATLAB
M-7. Missile detection and auto destroy system
M-8. Real time Face recognition with hardware Door Lock System
M-9. Hand Gesture Movement Robotic Arm using wireless network using MATLAB
M-10. Human Sleep Detection and monitoring using image processing & warning System
M-11. Box Separator using camera and hardware color sensor module
M-12. Car number plate recognition with Security feature GSM
M-13. Advanced Home automation through gesture control MATLAB & GSM
M-14. Soil Moisture Level Control through Smart Sensor using MATLAB
M-15. Brain Tumor Detection in MRI Image through MATLAB
M-16. MATLAB based ZigBee Home automation with GUI
M-17. Robot Control through hand gesture using MATLAB
M-18. Object tracking based on color through MATLAB
M-19. Real Time Face recognition with door lock (hardware optional)
M-20. Automatic segmentation of colon glands using object-graphs
M-21. Pre-paid energy meter with bill generated on mail
M-22. Identification and Classification of Grains Using Image Processing
M-23. Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification using Image Processing Technique
M-24. Crop health monitoring using image processing
M-25. A productive and time-efficient garbage monitoring system of smart dustbins using ultrasonic sensor – GSM – MATLAB/IOT
We make all type of projects based on MATLAB
M-26. Color image classification and retrieval through ternary decision structure based multi-category TWSVM
M-27. A Literature Survey on Image Denoising Techniques
M-28. Adaptive Steg analysis of Least Significant Bit Replacement in Grayscale Natural Images
M-29. Image Denoising Method based on Threshold Wavelet Transform & Genetic Algorithm
M-30. Automatic segmentation of colon glands using object-graphs
M-31. MRI Imaging of Ulnar Leprosy Abscess
M-32. Performance Analysis of Image de-noising using Fuzzy and Wiener Filter in Wavelet Domain
M-33. Reversible Watermarking on Histogram Pixel Based Image Features
M-34. Studying the effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharges on the Leukemia Blood Cells Using Digital Image Processing
M-35. Sleep Detection System of Driving & Avoiding Accident
M-36. Studying the effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharges on the Leukemia Blood Cells Using Digital Image Processing
M-37. Segmentation of Video Using Local Descriptors & Optical flow Techniques
M-38. Rice grading quality analysis and adulteration check using image processing techniques.
M-39. Detection of tumor in human brain using MRI in medical imaging.
M-40. Identification of Plant Disease Using Image Processing Techniques.
M-41. Extraction and Recognition of number plate of vehicles.
M-42. Automatic image segmentation of colon glands for analysis using DIP.
M-43. Low distortion transforms for reversible watermarking.
M-44. Adaptive stag analysis of least significant bit replacement in grayscale images.
M-45. An improved multiplicative spread spectrum embedding scheme for data hiding.
M-46. Classification of dielectric barrier discharges using digital Image processing.
M-47. Automatic dynamic texture segmentation using local descriptors and optical flow.
M-48. Missing texture reconstruction method based on error reduction algorithm using Fourier
transform magnitude estimation scheme
M-49. Monotonic regression for correlating subjective and objective ratings in image quality
M-50. Performance analysis and comparison of modified denoising method and the local
adaptive wavelet image denoising method.