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Latest Robtics List 2018-2019


RB-1. Wireless operated War field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mines

RB-2. Firefighting ROBOT

RB-3. A missile detection and auto destroy system on robot platform

RB-4. Magnetic Separator using Conveyor Belt

RB-5. PC Based Robotic Arms with Conveyor Belt

RB-6. Remote controlled Irrigation Water/Pesticide spraying robot

RB-7. Advanced and Intelligent wheel chair control system for leg amputees using Joystick

RB-8. Advanced Smart Shopping Trolley for Mall

RB-9. Smart Glove ZigBee Controlled Robotic Car

RB-10. Android controlled Fire Extinguisher Vehicle

RB-11. Wireless self-balancing robot

RB-12. Active Sensing Data Collection with Autonomous Mobile Robots (Highly Recommended)

RB-13. Servo motor controlled radar tank system with Bluetooth / RF /ZigBee

RB-14. Bluetooth /Wi fi / ZigBee based Wireless Robotic Arm Movement control using flex sensor.

(Highly Recommended)

RB-15. Finger Print and speech recognition based most secured vehicle access control system

RB-16. Wireless camera surveillance robot using GPS and GSM

RB-17. Automatic wireless board cleaner through android app.

RB-18. Quadcopter | Drone | with Robotic Arm to Lift Weight

RB-19. Speech recognition Controlled Wireless Pick and Place Robot (Highly Recommend)

RB-20. Object separator through smart color sensing using Robotic Arm.

RB-21. High Performance Hovercraft with Power Turning

RB-22. Automatic weapon system Radar based using processing

RB-23. Head Controlled wheel chair.

RB-24. Automatic water sprayer

RB-25. Fabrication of automatic vehicle over speed controlling for school zone using RF

RB-26. Automatic Wall Paining Robot

RB-27. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle

Last year our students from MIT Received Rs10 lakh from CM of UP for this project

RB-28. GSM + GPS + Bluetooth Based accident monitoring system

RB-29. Axis Movement of Robotics Arm with Color Box Separator (Highly Recommended)

You can customize RB-29 in many ways like make it manual, wireless etc.

RB-30. An autonomous robot for waiter service in restaurants with menu for food ordering

RB-31. Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer/Gyroscope based self-balancing robot

RB-32. Mini CNC machine based on micro controller (Highly Recommended)

RB-33. Color Sensor and Metal Sensor based object sorter.

RB-34. Digital Compass and GPS based self-navigating Robot.

RB-35. Speech controlled wireless elevator system

RB-36. Wireless operated war field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mines.

RB-37. War Field Spying Robot using Night Vision Wireless Camera

RB-38. Wireless Mechanical Goat RF based with Different Speed / Direction Mode

RB-39. Pneumatic Bumper Car with Disc Brake & Range Sensor

RB-40. Bluetooth Controlled Pipe Inspection robot

RB-41. Advanced Multi Level Parking System with RF Module & Robotic car

RB-42. Combat robot for Military Application

RB-43. 2 Axis Pick and Place Robot Material Handler/ Crane — RF remote Operated (wireless)

RB-44. Automatic Shoe polisher machine with coin box

RB-45. Color Sorting Mechanical Machine

RB-46. Beetle Terrain Robot with Mouser

RB-48. Solar Bike with Speed Controller

RB-49. Remote controlled Wireless Hover bike

It can be used for surveillance, sending material from one place to other. Can be used for picking

Things and dropping on target.

RB-49. Smart Glove for Dumb & Deaf People

Through gesture from glove dumb people can communicate with other people through voice module

RB-50. Automatic Waste Segregator using conveyor belt (Metal sensor, color sensor, ir sensor & fan)

RB-51. Solar Based Gras Cutting Robot with Automatic Field Size Adjust/ Bluetooth Based

RB-52. Hexapod using Microcontroller

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