Matlab Simulink Projects

Matlab Simulink Based Projects



For Btech

MS-1. Design of 48v three phase inverter
MS-2. Design of inverter for BLDC Motor
MS-3. High Power Density and Over Current Protection in 3 phase VSI for motor drive
MS-4. Modeling of PV cell in MATLAB Simulink
MS-5. Modified sepic converter with high static gain For Renewable Applications
MS-6. Single diode and two diode PV cell analysis
MS-7. Optimization of Solar and Wind Hybrid System
MS-8. Modeling of Wind Energy System with MPPT
MS-9. Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods for Wind and Solar Conversion Systems
MS-10. Modeling and Simulation of Conventional DC-DC
MS-11. Design of a Micro Grid System in MATLAB Simulink
MS-12. DC to DC convertor

For Mtech

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