Labview Based Projects

Labview Based Projects 2018-2019

1. Soil moisture level control through smart sensor using LabVIEW
2. Solar panel based Automatic Irrigation System using smart sensor using LabVIEW.
3. Hazardous Gas Monitoring air quality meter with data logger through SD card
4. LabVIEW Based Temperature Measurement and Control System
5. Non-Contact Water level controller using Arduino and LabVIEW
6. Real Time Data Monitoring of PV Solar Cell Using LabVIEW
7. DC Motor Speed Control Using LabVIEW
8. Forest Fire Detection Using Optimized Solar-Power ZigBee Network
9. Implementation of Home Automation System Using LabVIEW
10. Multi-Level Security for Automotive RFID Based Technology with LabVIEW Implementation
11. LabVIEW and Web-Server Based Human Body Monitoring System
12. Ambulance Controlled Traffic System Using RFID Technology with LabVIEW Simulation:
13. ZigBee Based Energy Monitoring System with E-Billing through GSM Network
14. Fingerprint Based Attendance System Using Microcontroller and LabVIEW
15. LabVIEW Based Automatic Identification and Database Management System Using RFID
16. Wireless Sensors Based Traffic Light System with Override for Emergency
17. Railway Track and Gate Security System Using LabVIEW
18. Home Alarm System Based on LABVIEW
19. Health monitoring of Transformer on Labview and IOT
20. Speed Control of BLDC motor using Labview in Close Loop

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