Internet of things IOT

M.Tech CSE

Internet of Things (IOT) Based Project List 2019

IN-1. Self-indicating smart dustbins using the internet of things (IoT).
IN-2. Medical parameter monitoring system for patients through internet of things (IoT).
IN-3. Smart agriculture systems using internet of things (IoT) using Raspberry pi
IN-4. IOT based Noise pollution monitoring in Urban and Rural Areas Sound monitoring in important zones like schools, hospitals, residential, factory etc. in real time. (Highly Recommended)
IN-5. IOT – Temperature Humidity Monitoring using Raspberry Pi
IN-6. IOT – Pet Monitoring using Raspberry Pi
IN-7. IOT Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi
IN-8. IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
IN-9. IOT based Smart Waste Management in cities. Detection of garbage points and rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes. (Highly Recommended)
IN-10. Internet of things (IoT) based air quality meter
IN-11. IOT based home automation: project kit that allows user to easily control home appliances and automate homes using internet of things to control loads. (Highly Recommended)
IN-12. IOT Based Industry Automation
IN-13. IOT Weather Reporting System
IN-14. IOT based Traffic Congestion and warning systems. Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian for efficient traffic management for driving and walking routes.
IN-15. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System
IN-16. Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT
IN-17. IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection
IN-18. Internet of things (IoT) based Patient monitoring for elders using Raspberry pi.
IN-19. IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor
IN-20. IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System
IN-21. Vehicle anti-theft tracking system based on Internet of things (IoT)
IN-22. IOT Voice controlled led scrolling display using wireless Bluetooth Android smart phone
IN-23. Speech Recognition for Home Automation using Android – IOT projects
IN-24. Internet of things (IoT) & GSM Based Fault Finder in Load Line
IN-25. Automatic Intelligent agricultural system over cloud
IN-26. IOT based Smart Roads Intelligent Highways with warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.
IN-27. Biometric based IOT attendance system data mining
IN-28. IOT Based Smart Home – Finger Print, Water Tank, Rain, LPG gas
DHT11, Relays, Door Lock, Node MCU, Arduino’s
IN-29. IOT & Android Based Automated Fuel Theft Protection System
IN-30. IOT Based Fluid Flow Blockage Monitoring Wireless Sensor Network Design
IN-31. IOT Based Online Traffic Congestion monitoring & management system
IN-32. IOT Based Trash Collection Vehicle Route optimization by rubbish level Detection
IN-33. A Cloud Network-based Power Management Technology for Smart Home Systems
IN-34. IOT based Home automation solutions using Raspberry pi.

Energy and Water Use Energy and water supply consumption monitoring to obtain advice to reduce the cost and conserve resources. Remote Control Appliances: Switching on and off remotely appliances to avoid accidents and save energy.
Intrusion Detection Systems: Detection of windows and doors, openings and violations to prevent intruders

IN-35. IOT based Smart Water Sensors monitor water quality in rivers, lakes and the sea using Raspberry

Smart Water wireless sensor platform to simplify remote water quality monitoring. Equipped with multiple sensors that measure a multiple of the most relevant water quality parameters, Smart Water is the water quality-sensing platform to feature autonomous nodes that connect to the Cloud for real-time water control. We can design Smart Water is suitable for potable water monitoring, chemical leakage detection in rivers, remote measurement of swimming pools and spas, and levels of seawater pollution. The water quality parameters measured include pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation-reduction conductivity (salinity), turbidity, temperature etc.

IN-36. A Smart City project to monitor water quality, Air Quality and Urban Traffic.

As per the research report, present increase of respiratory and other related diseases is due to air pollution, as well as the increase of various chronic diseases which really affect the Quality of the human life. To overcome this, it is necessary to monitor the emission levels. The highest percentage of air pollution comes directly from road traffic compare to large industries, currently placed outside metropolitan & urban areas. Loss of environmental quality is one of the biggest threats of our century to health and human well-being.

IN-37. IOT based Smart water monitoring solutions for cities and villages using Raspberry pi.

This complete water quality monitoring solution combines the solutions and capabilities to retrieve the water quality data and transmit it to cloud platform and the data received and analytics are applied to transform data for generating reports and to provide the information to the end user.

IN-38. Smart agriculture systems using internet of things (IoT) using Raspberry pi

Smart Agriculture platform can be used to monitor different environmental parameters related to agriculture such as temperature, humidity, soil temperature/humidity, weather station, leaf wetness and many other parameters. The monitoring of these parameters allows to minimize time and money as well as maximize agriculture results. we can also automate the agriculture farms for efficient management and control.

IN-39. Internet of things (IoT) based-e-health monitoring for elders using Raspberry pi.

The e-Health Sensor platform allows Arduino and Raspberry Pi users to perform biometric and medical applications where body monitoring is needed by using 10 different sensors: pulse, oxygen in blood (SPO2), airflow (breathing), body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), glucometer, galvanic skin response (GSR – sweating), blood pressure (sphygmomanometer), patient position (accelerometer) and muscle/electromyography sensor (EMG).

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