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Internet of Things (IOT) Based Project List 2019

IN-1. Self-indicating smart dustbins using the internet of things (IoT).

IN-2. Medical parameter monitoring system for patients through internet of things (IoT).

IN-3. Smart agriculture systems using internet of things (IoT) using Raspberry pi

IN-4. IOT based Noise pollution monitoring in Urban and Rural Areas Sound monitoring in important zones like schools, hospitals, residential, factory etc. in real time. (Highly Recommended)

IN-5. IoT Temperature Humidity Monitoring using Raspberry Pi

IN-6. IoT Pet Monitoring using Raspberry Pi

IN-7. IOT Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi

IN-8. IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System

IN-9. IOT based Smart Waste Management in cities. Detection of garbage points and rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes. (Highly Recommended)

IN-10. Internet of things (IoT) based air quality meter

IN-11. IOT based home automation: project kit that allows user to easily control home appliances and automate homes using internet of things to control loads. (Highly Recommended)

IN-12. IOT Based Industry Automation

IN-13. IOT Weather Reporting System

IN-14. IOT based Traffic Congestion and warning systems. Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian for efficient traffic management for driving and walking routes.

IN-15. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System

IN-16. Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT

IN-17. IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection

IN-18. Internet of things (IoT) based Patient monitoring for elders using Raspberry pi.

IN-19. IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor

IN-20. IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System

IN-21. Vehicle anti-theft tracking system based on Internet of things (IoT)

IN-22. IOT Voice controlled led scrolling display using wireless Bluetooth Android smart phone

IN-23. Speech Recognition for Home Automation using Android – IOT projects

IN-24. Internet of things (IoT) & GSM Based Fault Finder in Load Line

IN-25. Automatic Intelligent agricultural system over cloud

IN-26. IoT based Smart Roads Intelligent Highways with warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.

IN-27. Biometric based IOT attendance system data mining

IN-28. IOT Based Smart Home – Finger Print, Water Tank, Rain, LPG gas
DHT11, Relays, Door Lock, Node MCU, Arduino’s

IN-29. IOT & Android Based Automated Fuel Theft Protection System

IN-30. IOT Based Fluid Flow Blockage Monitoring Wireless Sensor Network Design

IN-31. IOT Based Online Traffic Congestion monitoring & management system

IN-32. IOT Based Trash Collection Vehicle Route optimization by rubbish level Detection

IN-33. A Cloud Network-based Power Management Technology for Smart Home Systems

IN-34. IOT based Home automation solutions using Raspberry pi.

IN-35. IOT based Smart Water Sensors monitor water quality in rivers, lakes and the sea using Raspberry

IN-36. A Smart City project to monitor water quality, Air Quality and Urban Traffic.

IN-37. IOT based Smart water monitoring solutions for cities and villages using Raspberry pi.

IN-38. Smart agriculture systems using internet of things (IoT) using Raspberry pi

IN-39. Internet of things (IoT) based-e-health monitoring for elders using Raspberry pi.


Last Updated:- 08 Nov 2019

Internet of Things (IOT) Based Project List 2019

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