Automobiles Engineering

M.Tech Mechanical Automobiles Engineering IEEE Project List 2019

  1. Air Brake System Using Exhaust Gas
  2. Automatic Tire Inflation and Deflation System
  3. Button Opreated Gear Shifting
  4. Development of Hybrid Bike
  5. Intelligent Reverse Braking System
  6. Development of Automatic Power Window Mechanism
  7. Development of Regenerative Braking System – Electric
  8. Rfid Based Speed Controller
  9. Development of Solar Segaway
  10. Development of Wind Powered Car
  11. Compressed Air Vehicle
  12. Development of Regenerative Power Restoring Using Flywheel
  13. Fabrication of 3 Axis Bullock Cart
  14. Fabrication of Remote-Controlled Wheel Chair Cum Bed
  15. Fabrication of Automatic Material Handling Robot
  16. Development of Automatic Pneumatic Bumper and Brake Actuation Before Collision
  17. Automatic Tire Inflation System
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